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Customer Relationship Management BPO  


Today, everyone is aware of the fact that Finance doesn’t just support the business, it can also advance it.


We help businesses achieve better control, cost reduction and value creation across the the Finance value chain, from transaction processing to compliance and business analytics.


In the current competitive environment, all companies are looking to finance department for insights such that they can take right decisions in improving their bottom line. This means more pressure on finance to become efficient and effective than never before! This situation has prompted finance executives to look for new approaches, including outsourcing finance & accounting functions as a strategy to change their operating models.


We, at Tayana, team with you to deliver results through better analytics, rich industry experience and innovation via next-generation BPO offerings.  Our rich experience in understanding of how to leverage technology and our commitment to drive operational excellence are the foundation of an outsourcing relationship to transform your business. We provide our clients, tailor-made Finance & Accounting Outsourcing solutions backed by industry experts, at affordable costs such that they can focus on their core business activities while saving.


Our capabilities spans across the customer value chain from Customer Management to AR follow up. For the ease of understanding, let us divide the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) BPO into two parts viz., Operations CRM and Finance CRM based on the nature of the activities. 

Operations CRM:

This section covers the operational transactions with respect to customers.


Customer Management:

Our BPO team can manage almost all activities under operations starting with Master Data Management of customers; creating and updating customer records in your ERP, CRM and B2B applications such that uniformity is maintained across all disparate systems; checking and modifying credits extended to your customers; conducting Customer Satisfaction Index surveys to learn the effectiveness of your customer service and to understand the improvement areas; creation of product videos to your customers such that they are aware of the ‘what’s new’; ‘how to’, etc.; we can also maintain master data of your products such that the product information is up-to-date and current.


Order Management:

Our team of BPO operations can handle all order related activities regardless of ERP systems that you may use. We can enter orders manually on your behalf; check & verify orders; make changes to orders based on the customer request or salesman request; cancellation of orders; back order management; handling of queries coming from salesman, customer service or customers.


Delivery Management:

Our team is trained to interact with third parties no matter where they are situated. They can ensure smooth delivery of goods to provide superior customer buying experience by coordinating with logistics and the customers till the delivery is complete.



Finance CRM:

This section covers the transactions that is purely ‘Finance & Accounting’ in nature with respect to customers.


Invoice Management:

Our BPO team is trained to handle all activities related to Invoicing the customers. They can fire Invoice print jobs sitting in offshore; they can send Invoices by e-mail for those who have opted for e-Invoicing option; they can upload Invoices to your Customer Portal so that the customers can access the Invoices ‘at will’; they can book Invoices in your ERP systems. All these activities may sound simple but is time consuming and labor intensive; they also demand high degree of diligence as it involves your customers. We understand this sensitivity and trained to handle with utmost efficiency and care.


As a decision maker, you will require accurate and real-time access to financial information to tackle with dynamic business challenges and make right decisions. We partner with you to enhance productivity by offering effective reporting solutions. Our team can generate various MIS reporting and Dashboards related to your customer buying behavior by comparing them with other customers; by comparing their previous year’s purchases. We can also generate your salesman performance reports and dashboards showing budgets Vs performance. We can jointly decide on generating various reports such as:

  • Profitability analysis by region, by department or by any other relevant dimensions

  • Revenue analysis by product, by segment, by customer or by any other dimensions that you may want to visualize

  • Creditor’s analysis

  • Cash flow analysis

  • Financial ratio analysis, break-even analysis, NPV and IRR analysis, cost analysis among others

  • Revenue per employee ratios

  • Budgeting and reporting analysis

  • Any other management reporting

  • Publishing of user friendly and easily understandable management dashboards tracking key operating and financial parameters

  • Publishing of salesman reports showing Budget Vs Performance by showing comparison of previous years YTD, MTD figures



AR Matching:

Customer Statement Reconciliation is the most common issue with every organization regardless of size of the organization. Your Statement will differ from your customer’s books and it differs from your salesman’s notes. Reconciling all versions is time consuming and labor intensive. We have formulated few techniques using which you can be assured that ‘statement reconciliations’ are thing of the past. Our team can apply payments as soon as the money received such that invoice matching can be done on regular basis. The team can handle downloading your bank advices and bank statements and carry out the BAR (bank Account Reconciliation) at regular intervals.


AR Follow up:

You can use our BPO team to send ‘Dunning Letters’ to your customers who have delayed their payments. They can make collection calls to your customers asking them to make early payments such that your DSO is improved significantly. We can generate meaningful AR Analysis reports and dashboards such that you can take informed decisions on your customers.



Here is an example of ‘how we can’ manage your CRM BPO function:


An effective and smooth order to cash cycle is critical for you to optimize your collection processes and thereby to maintain a healthy cash flow. Our CRM BPO services facilitate you in achieving this goal. Our CRM BPO experts work closely with your business team to effectually manage collection activities without disturbing client’s relationships. Our solution is comprehensive yet completely flexible such that you can start with one segment of your CRM BPO cycle and expand at later date.

Our CRM BPO solution is aimed at higher efficiency in transaction processing as well as resolution of order entry mistakes, pricing disputes, billing errors and credit or collection issues in your CRM BPO cycle. The key goal is to help you recognize revenue early, improve your DSO (day sales outstanding), and enhance your customer satisfaction.


Our team of accountants and accounts receivable outsourcing specialists has rich experience in handling variety of billings such as time sheet based billing, commission billing, milestone based billing.


Following are key benefits that you can expect from outsourcing CRM BPO function to us:

  • Standardization in Process can enhance your efficiency by 20% to 30%

  • Improvement of liquidity and working capital requirements through DSO improvement by at least 25%

  • Improve your collectable % and decrease bad debts by a minimum of 5%

  • Reduce revenue leakage caused by inefficiencies in your current processes Create and manage customer database for meaningful categorization for analysis purposes

  • Improve transaction efficiency and cash flow forecasts

  • If your customer is sending the orders by fax or by email, our specialists can key in manual orders into your ERP systems

  • We have the experience in dealing with customer receipts & processing across multiple payment modes such as direct debit, merchant accounts and POS based cash receipts.

  • Ageing and tracking of receivables to facilitate timely cash receipts in the company

  • We can facilitate sending Dunning letters to customers such that they can send payments on-time

  • Achieve timely and accurate customer invoice reconciliation which is the biggest time consuming task for any organization

  • Apart from the above we can manage Credit control activities to put order block, delivery block to customers based on their payment history

  • We can also take up the tasks of New customer creation in your ERP systems

  • We can assist you in sending legal notices and write offs too

  • Our trained CRM BPO experts enables you to focus on your core business by helping you manage healthy cash flow and working capital.