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10 Consulting 


We provide consulting services of identification, recommendation and Implementation of ERP technologies which will affect enterprise in next 10 years.


We help companies to walk them through maze of noise of newer technologies and facilitate implementation of symphony and harmony of usable pieces of innovation.


Our core focus is UX and Automation for organization that are predominantly using ERP as their technology back bone infrastructure and deal with material and equipment as resource to sell various products and provide services


UX is Changing:

  • All of us have read and heard that AI (Artificial Intelligence) is now the new platform for transformation

  • So, how will AI change our day to day lives! I know that driverless cars and cashier less stores are coming to me as a consumer; but what will change for me as an Enterprise user?

  • Enterprise adoption will happen in the form of User Interface change 

Areas of UX Adoption:

Soon Enterprise will adopt new forms of data processing and computing

  • Email to Chat-We will move from Email to Chat interface for communication and products like Microsoft Team, Slack, Mattermost

  • ERP Access via Browser for common task will shift to Chat Interface

  • Adoption of Voice Interface using Cortana, Alexa and Google Assistant

  • Adoption of Computer Vision for RPA, this will facilitate automation & integration without massive software programming 

  • Adoption of Cognitive API like Azure Cognitive Services for Vision implementation, where Employee Attendance and Time Keeping can be seamless, where Restrictions to certain physical zone and or equipment can be implemented via alert and inform system

Enabling Automation

Enterprises have focused on lot of technology investment and adoption in data collection, system design and architecture to replicate paper-based data collection and providing in electronic format. For example, the General ledger system follows design of double accounting and columnar data collection which is replicating paper-based book keeping.


Going forward, in next 10 years, not only data capture layer is transforming as UX but automation will be a key driver for technology investment.

Use case for Automation:
  • In Accounts Payable, we would skip steps and automate the process from receiving vendor bill to passing respective GL entry without involving human labor 

  • In Account Receivables we would automate collection using complex chat bot where the collection follow-up process will be automated and reduce human labor participation

  • Inventory Replenishment will get automated based on recommendation algorithm by not only leveraging ERP host data but integrating other sources of data sets like weather, commodity prices, consumer behavior trends, etc.

  • Customer Service will see automation with lot of self-service which will reduce human labor and also leverage social media trends monitoring such that proactive service can be provided 

  • Cyber Security will integrate in enterprise usage by automating simulation of phishing attack and providing training to each and every user of Enterprise.

  • Adoption of best of breed and integration across platform will drive automation from vendors like WorkDay for HR, Marketo for Marketing Automation, SPS commerce for EDI etc.

How we do, what we do?
  • We work with Enterprises who are interested in identifying new UX use cases or Automation use cases and may start with Pilot or POC

  • We conduct audit of current systems and propose selection of use case which are quick to adopt

  • We identify and recommend technology vendor and platform which can enable the transformation 

  • We project manage the implementation of POC or Pilot

  • We conduct cost benefit study Post pilot implementation 

  • We design and propose Enterprise wide implementation of successful pilots 

  • We project manage the Enterprise wide 

Why Us?
  • Experience: Our principals have experience in ERP space for over 20 years. This is across various geographic region spanning from Asia, Europe to Americas and industries spanning from Distribution to Manufacturing. We also have expertise not only in business process but accounting, corporate finance as our leadership team has also played Executive function in various business.

  • Current Association: Our leadership team serves on board of various new technology startups including Blockchain, Cloud, AI, Cyber Security.