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Why Us


Other companies just sell products and services as commodity; we build long-term ‘relationships’ working closely with your teams on design, execution and maintenance of your project. We want to be for you more than just a vendor, we aim to be amongst your Top 5 most preferred Partners. Our USP can be highlighted as under:



  • Our ‘center of excellence’ for Acumatica ERP and back office BPO support team is situated in India

  • We can work in 3 Shifts

  • We do not look at our watches! If we have to complete a work today, we finish it today!

  • We have no statutory obligation for compulsory holidays or time offs

  • Backlog & Pending: these are ‘abusive’ words for us and thus we hate backlogs and pending’s

  • Our team is well trained and motivated

  • We assign dedicated teams to each client




Profile of our Consultants:

  • Educated/trained in premier institutions  

  • Combined experience of over 1000+ projects

  • Combined experience of over 100+ man years

  • Specialized in serving SMEs


Experience & Reliability:

  • We have years of experience in consulting and outsourcing space having helped countless organizations to implement best in class solutions and realize better returns.

  • Our talented pool of resources is a perfect blend of world-class technical experience and superlative industry knowledge. If you are looking for a partner to help maximize your investments, you are at the right place shopping.

  • We always find ways to add value to the processes rather than simply executing mechanically. This attitude of ours coupled with the experience has given us the knowledge and credentials to move up the value chain.

  • Our experience not limited only to Finance or IT. We have blend of IT, Finance and Operations experience and expertise. This combined knowledge puts us apart compared to others who can visualize your problems from a single angle.

  • Our experience spans across continents ranging from US, Canada, UK, Switzerland, UAE, Africa and India. This exposure gives to offer best chance to help you improve your processes as we can replicate successful processes that was deployed elsewhere.



  • We are small enough to be flexible to provide you with personal attention that you deserve and large enough to be reliable and values driven entity, a perfect combination on a platter offering best of both the worlds.


  • Our back office team is situated in India

  • Most of our consultants are based out of Hyderabad, one of the most developed and with least cost of living indices. This city has great access to highly qualified resources and at much cheaper costs. Work ethics of the resources are superlative in this part of India. 

  • Our Billing Rates for BPO are anywhere between $6 to $15 per hour depending on the nature of resources


Guaranteed Savings:

  • We Guarantee savings from BPO services to you; if we cannot guarantee, we will not accept the project.

  • Our outsourcing consultants reside in India and are experienced in BPO offshoring environments. We can increase/decrease your outsourcing team size rapidly with less training challenges. All of this will guarantee you cost savings of at least $60,000 to $500,000 a year depending on the size of your outsourcing team.



How are we different?

  • Our approach is to look at the tasks from business perspective rather than technical angle. We put to use all our experience to offer innovative, user friendly, parameterized solutions to meet your challenging and ever-changing requirements.

  • We follow best practices by documenting all the areas of work right from definition of requirements till user guides.

  • We believe in quick resolution of conflicts and issues by defining responsive escalation matrix.

  • The society, technology and everything around us is evolving and so are your business needs to be able to keep up with the market demands. We understand the dynamic environment and challenges come with this change. We innovate by introducing simple changes to meet this ever-growing demand and integrate effortlessly to build a smart and sustainable future. This is what we call Simple Innovation, Revolutionary Thinking!

  • We are aware of the fact that you are running short of time to go-to market. We align our goals with yours to meet your evolving priorities and have flexible internal processes that are built to deliver maximum productivity to produce deliverables on-time, every-time. Our fool proof quality systems are designed to produce highly acceptable deliverables. Our efficient planning and project management methodologies ensure reduced risk, shortened development cycle and reduced time and cost overruns.


Kindly be advised that above paragraphs have been written keeping in mind of all our services. Some of them may or may not be applicable to a specific line of business. You may want to contact us for more detailed information. We request you to make an informed decision based on the final proposal provided by our sales team.

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