Glossary Term: Acumatica


A general ledger entity is an account which holds detailed record of transactions for a particular item. All accounts are in Chart of Accounts (COA).

Account Class

A class is used to categorize a group of accounts that are basically related to each other. For example, you can create a class that contains accounts for long-term liabilities …

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Accounts Payable (AP)

Acumatica offers an ERP module that lets you manage your company’s purchases. The feature helps you speed up the purchasing process, lower costs, and increase efficiency.

Accounts Receivable

A module of Acumatica ERP software that provides features for managing customers, and is used for goods and services sold by your company.

aggregating value

Subaccounts can be used to build a hierarchical structure of budget articles. By using this structure, you can summarize data in various ways.

aging period

An aging schedule is a summary report, usually dated and ordered by days past due, that indicates the status of receivables and payables.

allocation template

A group of settings, saved as a whole, used in to help you automate allocations.

AP bill

A document that includes information about the vendor, location, and currency used for the transaction. For each tax that applies to the document, you can choose whether to calculate tax …

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AP check

A payment document to pay a bill or bills. If you do not have enough available funds to cover the amount of the check, you will need to create an …

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