Glossary Term: PM/MES

Electronic Signature (e-signature)

An e-signature (electronic signature) is a digital version of a traditional pen and ink signature. It may be as legally binding sane as a traditional handwritten signature.

Gross Weight

The total weight of material that you’re trying to convey, without deduction for tare, packaging material, or wastage, as measured on a scale.


Instructions are used to provide details on how to execute certain steps. They also assure a documented, repeatable process.

Label Format

A label format can be defined so that it only includes fixed data such as field prompts and variable data such as a part number. A label format can be …

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Label Type

A broad category of labels that specifies the super-set of available data elements that can be included on a single label.

Net Weight

The weight of the product alone, which usually excludes packing materials.