Glossary Term: Process Manufacturing MPS/MRP


The person is responsible for managing a specific portion of inventory. They do not necessarily purchase the raw materials themselves.

CFR Part 11

FDA regulations will enable us to recognize what kinds of electronic records, signatures, and handwritten signatures are trustworthy, reliable, and generally equivalent to paper records and handwritten signatures executed on …

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Dependent Demand

The need for some formula items is created by the production of other items.

Fixed Leadtime

A Leadtime which does not change with change in ordered quantity (for example, production setup time, vendor Leadtime)

Time Fence

A sign which indicates what the standing operating procedure is and where changes can be made.

Variable Leadtime

Leadtime that is proportional to the order quantity. E.g. Leadtime will be longer for 5000 Qty compare to 500 Qty.