Glossary Term: Process Manufacturing Process Execution User's Guide

Account Number

The account number identifies an account with AccountRight.


Action performed during production process such as heating, molding or mixing


For ingredients, the process of specifying lots of material in or scheduled for a specific batch. As a result, only lot or location-controlled materials can be allocated


A feature that enables Process Engineers to manage the number of steps and the number of used ingredients per step.

Automatic Allocation

A type of allocation where ingredients / resources are allocated when a batch is created for the first time, based on pre-defined business rules


A type of allocation where ingredients are allocated based on a specified set of business rules when a batch is saved for the first time.


Given a product’s ingredient list and the amount of each ingredient used, or given a product’s yield and the amount of each ingredient used, this tool calculates how much of …

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A standard run or lot size is determined by vessel size, convention, line rates, or standard run length.