Glossary Term: Production Management


For ingredients, allocate the lots that went (or will go) into a batch, and/or the locations from which the ingredients were drawn.

Automatic Auto-allocation

Automatic Auto-allocation is a type of allocation in which ingredients are allocated based on certain rules that have been specified.


backflushing is automatic accounting of material consumed for production, at the time of confirmation of the production


a quantity or consignment of goods produced at one time. e.g. “a batch of bread”

By- Product

A by-product is a product that has been made in addition to the desired product. A by-product differs from a product or coproduct in that you do not plan production …

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Certifying a Batch

When you certify a batch, any pending transactions that are associated with automatic certification product lines will be deleted and replaced with completed transactions.


Co-products are desirable secondary goods that are generated during the manufacturing process and can be sold or reused profitably. They might also be products that are usually manufactured together or …

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An effectivity record is a type of rule that specifies under what circumstances a formula can be used. These rules are linked to routings and products.

Firm Planned Order

An MRP-planned order is a critical component to the production process and cannot be changed or removed.