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How traceability of lot plays a vital role in process manufacturing 

Manufacturing businesses be it those in food and beverages, paints, or pharmaceutical should have a potent traceability system in place. Traceability is the process of tracking and tracing every component, sub-assemblies through every single process. Thus this is to ensure you have all the information regarding the whole operational cycle. It is a very common notion to believe that traceability is only important for products like food or medicines that are prone to recalls but such is not the case. Thus, every business operating in the manufacturing industry should have a proficient traceability management system in place.

Remember the infamous Samsung mobile phone blasts that happened while they were kept at charging? Yes, it was due to traceability that Samsung was able to recall all the defective products by tracking them down and offering replacements to the affected consumers.  

By implementing traceability, it can help a manufacturing business with: 

Inventory control management 

Traceability empowers you with stronger inventory control processes. It gives you the freedom to track every product in its original form. You will be able to identify which raw materials are being used and in what quantity. This will ensure that your inventory is never overt stocked or out of stock.  

Gain Visibility 

You gain enhanced visibility over multiple levels of the product. You will be able to compile analysis to understand what is going on on the shop floor. Thus they will know when to hold the supplier accountable for the raw materials they have supplied.  

Better relationship with the supplier 

Traceability gives you a greater insight into what is happening at the multiple levels of manufacturing. You will be able to maintain a better rapport with the suppliers. Because you have the information on the raw materials being received in real-time, you can see which supplier is sending in quality materials and develop strategic relationships with them with proper decision making.  

Automating lot tracking 

Tracking a lot manually is not only time-consuming but also makes the result prone to significant human error. Hence, by automating lot traceability with an ERP, you will be able to better manage the inventory, and make a well-informed decision so that there is no possibility of duplication or any missing information.  

It is important to understand that while no business can ensure zero recalls, how and when you take the action is what matters and impact your business in the long run. Thus this is especially important since recalls happen in cases when someone’s life is at stake.  

Thus this is why manufacturing businesses require a cloud ERP like Acumatica. Since Acumatica comes backed with an effective traceability system providing cradle to grave tracing throughout the supply chain thereby empowering you with all the relevant information you need in case of recall management to make a well-informed decision.  

We, at Tayana Solutions, can help implement Acumatica in the most time and cost-efficient manner to ensure maximum productivity and enhanced efficiency.  

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