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Medical, Dental, and Hospital Equipment and Supplies

Running and managing a medical, dental and hospital equipment and supplies business is challenging. While these businesses make sure to come up with innovative devices and equipment to make the world a healthier place, what happens when their business starts to lose their health. We, at Tayana Solutions will implement a leading cloud-based ERP system, Acumatica, to ensure streamlined business processing to boost efficiency and profitability.

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Medical, dental and hospital equipment and supply chain business is a competitive landscape. There is no room for error or not only will your whole business suffer a legal implication, but it might risk shutdown. To prevent the possibility of any error, and gain a competitive edge, our ERP implementation will empower you with the automation capabilities that will take care of the repetitive tasks efficiently, allowing you to channel your workforce and other vital resources towards attaining goals and objectives.  

End to end management 

Right from sales and distribution, services of medical supplies directly to the hospital- booking an appointment, creating a service order, service technician visit, completing the services, fixing any missing part, to invoicing, you can trust Tayana Solutions implementation with proffering end to end management.   

Compliance management 

Of all the business, medical, dental and hospital equipment manufacturer and suppliers, face a harsh scrutiny when it comes to compliance with the government agencies. Any minor breach, and you might find yourself at the receiving end of a legal battle. Our ERP implementation ensures that right from your operational cycle to manufacturing devices, every process is compliant with the standards and protocols laid down by the regulatory bodies.  

Real time tracking 

Our ERP implementation will empower you with the robust tracking capabilities, displaying you the status in real time. This will ensure your inventory is properly managed, never out of stock or overstocked. This is especially important for the medical equipment manufacturers and suppliers as a batch of faulty devices will have to be promptly recalled before it becomes a hazard.

Corrective Action and Preventive Action 

Tayana Solution’s ERP implementation will further ensure there is a corrective action and preventive action in place, as and when needed for immediately attending to the faults in the devices and to maintain optimum deviation management for future.  

Supply chain management 

As the business processing gets complex so does the supply chain management. Now it is important that you have full control over the supply chain, right from order to delivery. Our ERP implementation will empower you with the ability of automating processes, so that there is minimum delay, reduced possibility of error and your products meet the consumers demands. Our ERP system is integrated to help you achieve optimal supply chain performance.

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