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Savant email management system from VistaStream is a complete solution for managing your e-mail. Email management software for Microsoft Exchange and GroupWise. Mac users can now take advantage of our powerful organization tools and scheduling functions. A complete solution for any professional service business. It includes a powerful and easy to use web portal from which you can send personalized emails to your clients, manage follow ups and reports with built-in contact management tools, take payments directly on the website and sync all of your data across all devices and office locations as well as third party applications. Our new savant wms is full of “wms” (what makes sense). It combines the top-of-line sound quality and big-screen features that make watching your favorite streaming content an immersive experience, with smart home controls that provide instant access to your connected devices. The Savant is a revolutionary 5.25-inch touch screen featuring Intel Atom 1.6 GHz, 2 GB RAM and 500 GB HDD designed for music playback and management. It captures the best of traditional and next generation music players in a small, sleek touch screen device. savant wms features a Full-HD 1920×1080 display, a 19-inch all-in-one touch display, and Intel’s fourth generation intel Core i7 processor.

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