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Services for Acumatica Partners: TAPP (Tayana Acumatica Partner Program) 


Now that we have built significant expertise on Acumatica platform, we have the wherewithal’s to help other Acumatica Partners to meet their goals. 


We have the financial and operational capabilities to keep adding more resources dedicated for Acumatica. What does it mean for you? We may not be engaging all our resources continuously on live projects. There will always be resources available who can be used by companies (Acumatica Partners) such as yours. We also have a definitive roadmap to build a ‘Center of Excellence’ dedicated solely for the Acumatica Partners across the globe who can avail our services. So, no need for you to worry while signing up that additional deal where you know that you will not have enough resources to fulfil. Have confidence and just keep on signing up new deals. We will back you in every deal. We offer different kinds of services based on your real time needs.


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