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Keeping track of a handful of orders is a piece of cake, but what happens when the quantity exceeds hundreds? It is not practical to seek manual assistance, as it is heavy on time and resources. Isn’t it? So how do you track and manage these many orders?

WC Connector is your best bet.

What is a WC Connector?

WooCommerce Connector is a plugin which will bridge the connection between WooCommerce application and Acumatica by downloading all your data for the order placed and provide seamless integration for effective tracking and data management. The plugin is built to save your time, and potential which would have otherwise been spent on keeping an eye on and managing bulk orders.

How WC Connector helps your business?

WC Connector comes packed with features that empower you with the ability to efficiently manage bulk orders from the customers. It pulls the data automatically from the order dashboard of the e-commerce website powered by WooCommerce.

What are the features of WC Connector?

Real-time data 

Access, store, process and verify the data in real-time.

You will be able to access, store, process and check the data in real-time. This will help you know when the products are to be stocked again or if you are running out of certain products, thereby maintaining balance. You can also check the status of the order and other information related to the product from your WooCommerce dashboard in real-time.  

Bi-directional communication 

Communicate effectively between WooCommerce and Acumatica.

With efficient bi-directional API communication between WooCommerce and Acumatica, you get seamless integration that automatically fills in data as published on the website which streamlines the workflow.

Gain Acumatica benefits 

Convert Acumatica Items to Woo Commerce products quickly.

The integration allows for quick and easy conversion of the Acumatica items to WooCommerce products. Furthermore, WooCommerce customers with this integration automatically become Acumatica customers and leverage ERP benefits. You can download data directly into your Acumatica sales order for further processing with a simple click.

Automatic updates 

Get real-time automatic updates.

WC connector plugin displays the status of your purchase as ‘shipped’ or’ invoiced’ in the Woo Commerce section.

Multi-store configuration

Configure multiple stores with less effort.

Our WC Connector gives you the freedom to create multiple stores with a single branch of Acumatica, thereby maximizing your productivity.

Redeem refunds

Hassle-free coupon redemption.

All cancellations in Acumatica get converted into WooCommerce coupons which are redeemable on future purchases without any hassle.

Automated processing

Save time with automated order processing.

Automated order processing streamlines and simplifies the work process, giving you the power to make more informed decisions and strengthen business performance.

WC Connector is the plugin your business needs to effectively manage orders and utilize the time thus saved in attaining core objectives. 

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