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product configurator benefits

Benefits of Product Configurator for Manufacturers

For manufacturers providing configurable or made-to-order products, a product configurator accelerates and simplifies order processing. It also generates automated BOMs, ensuring the product meets customer specifications.

This tool not only enhances the purchasing experience by allowing customers to control the final product but also streamlines the manufacturing process by providing precise specifications for each customized product, reducing waste and improving production line efficiency. we’ll explore what a product configurator is and how it enhances order processing efficiency.

Product Configurator Offers Several Advantages to Manufacturers

Product Customization

A product configurator empowers manufacturers to provide extensive product customization. Customers can tailor their orders by choosing from various options, ensuring the final product aligns with their specific needs and preferences. This functionality not only boosts customer satisfaction but also enables manufacturers to serve niche markets with unique demands.

Production Optimization

By integrating product configurators, manufacturers can optimize their production processes. The precise specifications generated by the configurator ensure that only the necessary materials are used, minimizing waste and reducing production costs. This optimization leads to a more efficient manufacturing process and improved resource management.

Error Reduction

Manual order processing often results in errors, leading to expensive rework and delays. A product configurator eliminates these issues by automating the order specification process. It ensures all customer selections are accurately captured and translated into production instructions, reducing mistakes and enhancing overall product quality.

Faster Sales Process

Product configurators simplify the sales process by enabling customers to customize their products and obtain instant quotes. This quick response speeds up decision-making, shortens the sales cycle, and boosts the chances of closing deals. Additionally, sales teams can focus more on high-value activities instead of manually managing complex configurations.

Data Collection & Customer Feedback

Product configurators offer valuable insights into customer preferences and behavior. Manufacturers can analyze this data to spot trends, enhance their product lines, and make informed decisions about future product development. Additionally, feedback gathered through the configurator can help guide improvements in product design and functionality.

Product Configurator Increases Revenue for Manufacturers

Implementing a product configurator can significantly boost a manufacturer’s revenue by:

Reducing Production Time: With automated BOMs and precise specifications, production time is minimized, allowing manufacturers to deliver products faster.

Optimizing Production: Efficient resource use and streamlined process leads to cost reduction and maximize profit margins.

Reducing the Risk of Errors: Automated configurations reduce the chance of errors, leading to fewer returns and higher customer satisfaction.

Quick & Accurate Design: Quick configuration and immediate quote generation improve the customer experience and boost sales.

Helping Customers Configure Unique Products: The ability to offer highly customized products attracts a broader customer base and opens new market opportunities.


An Acumatica Product Configurator ERP module helps manufacturers create quotes, automate BOMs, and manage production orders for configurable products with unique part numbers. By leveraging a product configurator’s capabilities, manufacturers can enhance their operational efficiency, reduce errors, and offer a superior customer experience, ultimately driving increased revenue and success in the competitive market.