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They have their management as complex as their products. Manufacturing and distributing these life sciences instruments is a cumbersome process. Even more daunting is the process of assessing stock levels, monitoring inventory, forecasting stock reordering, managing unique items specifications. All this requires a competent ERP solution for Biotech industries like Acumatica to effectively handle the complexities. Our ERP implementation will ensure that your life sciences inventory management is appropriately streamlined for maximum efficiency.

BioTech is the fastest growing industry in the US and a major contributor to job growth in recent years. It generates more than $3 trillion in economic activity each year. Yet very few people understand what it is or how it impacts their lives. It’s a fast changing field encompassing a wide array of technical disciplines, testing, analysis and design. BioTech companies are creating new solutions in medicine, energy, transportation, food and many more important areas FOR BUSINESSES AND MANUFACTURERS nationwide.

How we work?


Keep track of the transaction

Keep a track of all the transaction that are happening in the organization, right from the components which are supplied to make the equipment, labor, scrap, machine and maintenance. All the information in the ERP for life sciences manufacturing companies will be logged in, in the system at one place, from manufacturing to the Bill of material to the final output.


Manage workflow

Our ERP solution for Biotech industries implementation will help you manage the unique workflow of your life sciences– right from requesting lab supplies, making sure that the purchasing rate approved, tracking the procurement process and ensuring that your inventory is timely stocked so that you don’t face any issue pertaining to time or resources to conduct your next experiment.


Record Maintenance

You will be able to maintain all kinds of reports that are important for following up with the customers like the data ageing report, invoices which come under the urgent list or those that have crossed their free credit period. These reports will help clear clog and outstanding amounts from the consumers.


Inventory Management

Inventory management can get challenging for the businesses operating in field service industry as you need to make sure that the right equipment is sent to the right field. Our field service management software solution will empower you with the automation ability so that you know what is available and what you have to order for keeping in stock.


Documenting asset transaction

From purchase to depreciation value to disposal, our ERP solution for biotech industries implementation will empower you with the ability to document all these asset transactions in a quick and easy way. These reports will provide you useful information which can help in a strategic business processing like the asset’s depreciation cost, disposal cost, purchasing cost etc.


Equipment Maintenance

With our field service management solution in place, you will be able to keep a tab on the warranty, updates, and any other significant information related to the product by tracking the serial number. Having complete visibility of the location and the utilization of the product, an ERP system will ensure enhanced visibility.

Customer Service

Customer’s grievances will be immediately addressed and resolved. The integrated customer portal will have all the complaints which will be periodically updated as per the urgency and priority.

Wondering How We Work?