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Depot Repair

Product returned by customer doesn’t just mean a few scrapes and scratches – it also means wear and tear caused by improper handling. Cover your product’s case, screen, keyboard, ports, and more with depot repair service before you send it back to the manufacturer. Our depot repair is a product that was returned by the customer. Some reasons could be because it did not fit, did not work or maybe just did not like it. This product has been inspected and all scratches removed, then repackaged to be sold as a refurbished product. If you think your product is faulty or it was damaged during delivery, we are here to help. Please call us on 01603 429 836, so we can assist. We will provide a return address, and after we have received your product, we will make an assessment and provide either an exchange or refund. In this instance if the goods are not faulty, but you still wish to return the item please contact us first for a return authorization number. Depot Repair is a service available to customers where product is sent back to the Depot for assessment and repair or replacement under Consumer Warranty.

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