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Contract Packagers and Manufacturer

Contract packagers and manufacturers is an aggressively competitive and rapidly growing industry. This is why contract packagers and manufacturers businesses should invest in an contract manufacturing ERP software like Acumatica. Tayana Solutions can help you with the implementation of this cloud-based ERP so that your productivity and profitability is maximized.

How we work?


Simplify the operation

Our Acumatica implementation will ease your business processing. With Contract manufacturing ERP software, plenty of easy-to-use features and simplified management system, the goal of our implementation is to destress you and simplify the complexities of running your vape business. Our implementation will enable fluidity in your business processing.


Customer Relationship Management

Acumatica ERP software for the packaging industry comes with an integrated customer relationship management system which will strengthen your database so that you can serve customers according to their needs. You will be able to calculate the lifetime value of your customers by collecting customer contact info, purchase history, checkout status. With a better understanding of your customer shopping behavior, you will be able to deliver quality service.


Inventory Management

The Contract Manufacturing ERP Software implementation will empower you with the vision to keep track of your stock level, regardless of the variable of every single unit of product. You can manage bulk inventory, track costs and profit margin. The ERP will intimate you when you are running low on the stock. This will empower you to make strategic business decision, ensuring that the inventory is properly stocked, and is never under or over stocked. The implementation will help you manage inventory more efficiently.


Staff Management

Our Contract Manufacturing ERP Software implementation will free your workforce from having to do mundane and repetitive tasks. They will be able to channel their potential towards running the business profitably. With an integrated staff management system, you will be able to keep a track on the employee work and accordingly assign them work. You will be able to track sales and efficiently manage employee performance.

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