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vertex is an account service provider for the sales tax and valuation industry. We integrate fully with the major accounting packages including Oracle, SAP and IBM. Our website sales tax api allows you to calculate the tax rate on your web store in 20+ countries around the world. vertex is a simple, lightweight and easy-to-use sales tax API for Australian merchants. Collect offline sales tax from customers with just 2 lines of code and import sales tax when filing sales tax returns later to use in daily operations. You can also export your entire sales history to .csv with just one click. The Vertex application is a sales tax API (Application Program Interface) for Magento that creates access to sales tax rates for the United States, Canada and Mexico. There are hundreds of different combinations Magento sales tax areas based on business location, address, zip code and other factors – Vertex covers all combinations. Please note that this product does not include a set of web services but only the technical information to create your own web services. This is an add-on for existing bigcommerce retailers or other merchants who want to utilize the Magento platform to access the data. 

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