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Acumatica Cloud ERP For Construction and Mining Industry

Construction and mining equipment manufacturers make machineries used by the construction industry for different construction processes. Since the process to manufacture different equipment’s varies considerably, it can be challenging to manage everything smoothly. Moreover, construction equipment manufacturing businesses are facing severe challenges in terms of skilled labor, changing dealer network and the shrinking profit margin. To be able to streamline and simplify the process, Construction equipment manufacturers need a proficient equipment manufacturing for construction ERP like Acumatica. We, at Tayana Solutions will assist you in implementing construction ERP software Acumatica to boost your productivity and maximize your efficiency.

How we work?


With the ever-changing foreign trade scenario, it is natural for your business to face the demand supply issue, especially maintaining the quantity of exact amount needed for the inventory. Our Equipment Manufacturing for Construction ERP implementation will provide you with an increased visibility to the inventory level. You will be able to deploy multiple methods of replenishment such as reorder point analysis, material requirement planning and more. This will ensure that your inventory is properly maintained and the materials are in supply, as and when needed.  


Job Visibility

Since you will be empowered with visual scheduling, you will be able to manage work center capacity. Our Equipment Manufacturing for Construction ERP implementation will give you a better insight into availability of the skilled labor, materials, and tooling constraints, all in one single place. This will help you keep a tab on how the work has been done and what areas need immediate attention.  


More responsive to the customers

Since you will have a 360-degree view of the customers, right from quote to order to invoice, you will be able to render quality customer service and your responsiveness to the customers will significantly improve. Being tightly integrated with the CRM solution, your sales, customer service and marketing team will have a clear visibility of the customer’s requirement and will be able to serve properly.  


Calculate selling price

With the data in hand, you will be able to make better decisions regarding the selling price. Acumatica comes with an estimation application that will give you the ability to gather real cost of labor and materials. This way you will be able to calculate the selling price with a marginal transparency.  


Record Maintenance

With the data insights, our Acumatica Manufacturing for Construction ERP implementation provides, you can analyze and control the job cost. Furthermore, it will help you maintain accurate records for each serial number and warranty of the products.  

Wondering How We Work?