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ERP for Durable Goods

Durable goods industry is continuously growing and with its complex supply chain, it has become all the more important to invest in tools and technology that can streamline and simplify the business processing. This is why we recommend getting a cloud ERP like Acumatica implemented in your system by our ERP implementation experts who ensure maximum productivity with enhanced profitability with the ERP implementation in a cost-efficient manner.

How we work?


Real-time inventory visibility

Get real-time status of your inventory and control the stock from becoming excessing or low. Our implementation of Acumatica will ensure that your inventory is never over stocker or under-stocked by providing real-time status of the same. This will prove pivotal in making the right decision regarding reordering supplies or getting rid of the excess ones.  


Streamlined order management

Our implementation will streamline order processes, thus minimizing the paperwork, allowing for increase transaction volume. This will further reduce the fulfilment time so that customers can get their orders as soon as possible. The time thus saved can be used on another customer or to improve profitability.  


Demand forecast

Our ERP implementation will provide you with the insightful data that will help you better understand the pattern and customer’s behaviorFurthermore, the real time status and visibility in the inventory will help you forecast the demand and prepare your inventory accordingly.  


Optimize supply chain performance

Seamless multichannel support is the requirement of the durable good manufacturing units. With Acumatica implementation, you are empowered with the tools to digitally bring together different supply chain and enhance their performance. Our implementation will provide you with a global platform for a customer centric solution.  


Multi-brand dealer outlets

With our implementation, you will be able to easily manage multi brand dealer outlets from a single system. You will have clear visibility on how each outlet is performing. Furthermore, it will also help you identify the loophole and work on them to improve them.  

Wondering How We Work?