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What Is Chat Bot?

A chatbot is a software that is powered by machine learning and artificial intelligence, and can carry human-like conversations. One of the may uses of chatbot are that they can be used to communicate with various platforms and also help navigate and perform easy and redundant operations.

Bots can be deployed on messaging apps like Skype, Skype for Business, Slack, Google Teams etc. or virtual assistants like Alexa, to converse with end-users, via natural language.


Bot Architecture

chatbot framework architecture at tayana solution
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Features of ERP Bot

Imagine your ERP can communicate with you via Alexa, Google Home or Skype etc inform you about the things that matter to you when they happen in real time and it just does not stop there, but you can take action based on the information received. Imagine, someone sends a vendor bill for approval and you after getting all the required information can say, i approve the order, without ever logging into your ERP.

Imagine without dedicating resources for customer support, if your ERP can answer questions which it has data for and only when required the text or call can be routed to your sales or customer support person. If customer wants to know status of his order or wants a copy of invoice, all this can be provided via chat or any messaging tool and that too without involving any one from your company and ever logging into your ERP or eCommerce application.

Imagine as sales manager, or any manager, how many times, we ask the same question to our key associates and they answer which we forget to recall next time same discussion comes up. Imagine, if someone could do that on your behalf and send you summary information, like did you meet xyz client, what happened to that deal, what’s the next step, you said you will send samples, did you send them? All these are simple and known steps, every manager executes as follow up with his or her team and imaging ERP Bot can do that for you.

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