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Avalara’s sales tax API saves merchants the time and trouble of calculating sales tax. Using the Avalara API, you can process customer orders and keep track of sales and use tax rates across multiple jurisdictions with one line of code. The Avalara Sales Tax API provides software developers with the tools to easily integrate sales tax capabilities into their own applications. Avalara’s Software Developers Kit offers a comprehensive library of functions that can be used to programmatically access current sales tax rates for address lookups, shipping charges and product sales. Our API is so simple it will change how you think about calculating sales tax. It’s flexible, simple to implement, and comes with developer documentation. Try out our sales tax calculator in your browser now! The Avalara Sales Tax API allows you to programmatically retrieve and calculate sales tax for end customers. It’s available in all 50 US states and includes Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands. This RESTful API offers a fast, flexible solution that can deliver the correct sales tax rate based on where your customer is located or the items they are purchasing. Get started today by signing up for an account with Avalara – its free!.

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