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ERP System Comparison - Comparing Acumatica with other Leading ERP Systems

To determine what you really need in an ERP system before you begin the process of selecting one, whether you are looking to replace QuickBooks with a more powerful accounting software or for a cloud solution that can run your growing business, you must first determine what you need in an accounting system. If you look under the hood of an ERP system, you will discover that they are not all the same, even though they all perform the same basic accounting functions and business management functions.

The first step is to figure out what needs to be done. Which one should you choose? For your convenience, we have prepared a series of comparisons between Acumatica and our major competitors, allowing you to see what we have in common and what sets us apart. In addition, you will find questions you need to ask your leadership team and your ERP vendor and a checklist you can use when determining which ERP system is right for your business.

With Acumatica, you can run your business more effectively with integrated financial management, customer relationship management, and business management software. We believe Acumatica provides the best price/value, performance, functionality, and ease of use of any ERP system available for small- and medium-sized businesses. All of the competitors I mentioned here make viable ERP software solutions. I’m not trying to imply they don’t, but think ours is better and want you to know why.

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Ultimately, you decide which ERP system is right for you. The only thing we ask is that you perform due diligence, ask questions, and know your requirements. We want you to get the ERP system that’s right for you – whether or not you choose our product. There is one thing we can say about our competitors: All these products will charge by the number of users they allow you to add.

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Wondering How We Work?