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TaxJar is a powerful sales tax API for web apps of all sizes. Our backend API, written in Python, provides access to sales tax rates & brackets as well as collection, remittance, and reporting tools for easy compliance. Make sales tax easier… Sign up for taxJar and sync with Quickbooks, FreshBooks, Shopify, Bigcommerce, WordPress, Xero and more! TaxJar makes sales tax collection simple and accurate. Our Sales Tax API makes it easy for developers to collect sales tax on every transaction. We reduce the complexity of sales tax compliance and provide you with the tools to build better businesses. Our sales tax API supports 45 different country/state combinations, so you’ll be able to support nearly any business location in the world. TaxJar is SaaS that makes sales tax easy. It’s an online sales tax API and app library for developers that automates sales tax management, calculation and filing of sales taxes in all U.S. states and municipalities. TaxJar is a Tax API for Sales Tax. Our API allows you to easily calculate Sales Tax Rates from your business location to any location in the United States, Canada or Australia. We support every major state and county tax jurisdiction in the U.S., as well as over 1,000+ counties and cities in Canada! Turn sales tax compliance into a cost savings opportunity with TaxJar.

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