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Non Durable Goods

Non-durable goods companies have their own set of challenges which become a bottleneck in the production, resulting in decreased productivity. Missing parts, procuring raw material for production, supply chain challenges and the list goes on. This is why a transportation equipment manufacturing company requires a proficient cloud-based ERP system like Acumatica to help them streamline and simplify their operational cycle. We, at Tayana Solution hold extensive experience in implementing Acumatica for SMEs, guaranteeing increased productivity, and maximized efficiency for profitability.

How we can help?


Project Management

Our ERP implementation comes with intuitive tools that aim at making planning a straightforward and easy process. You will be empowered to control the components involved in the production process. Transform engineering and production quotes into project workflow. You can also repurpose the projects by saving them as templates. It further gives you the freedom to track the serialized parts by their lots and date codes from the beginning to the end.


Adapt to regulatory changes

For your business to stay relevant in the market guaranteeing safe and quality production, it is important for them to stay compliant with the rules, and regulation imposed by the regulatory bodies like FDA, OSHA. Our professional service resource management software implementation rapidly adapts to the changes in the regulation, ensuring that your organization works in accordance with the updated norms and protocols.


Asset Management

With our Acumatica implementation you will be able to collect and analyze data regarding your equipment, and machinery. You will be able to ensure preventive maintenance and keep your machineries working in the best condition. The data insights will help you create job repairs or schedule service calls, as and when required.


Procurement Management

Our implementation will drive you towards a more lean and optimal manufacturing approach. You will be empowered with better scheduling capabilities. With Acumatica implementation, you will be able to seamlessly manage different departments. From managing supplier agreement, to processing their invoices, you will be able to build and strengthen supplier relationships efficiently.


Enhance consumer experience

The primary goal of setting up and running a business is to fulfill the customers need and enhance their shopping experience. But with the increasing complexities, business tend to lose their focus and get occupied in secondary tasks, leaving the customers hanging and worse, leaving the business for a contemporary that actually delivers enriched customer experience. With professional and services staff management system, you will be able to deliver to customer’s changing requirements. This will enhance the bottom line and increase your customer’s loyalty.  

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