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ERP for Hospital Equipments

Medical equipment and hospital device manufacturers face high level of challenge running their business peacefully. Not only they have to make sure that every process works in the right and compliance order, and also deliver quality consistently. Only an effective implementation of a robust cloud-based ERP system like Acumatica can make sure that they remain competitive and cutting edge in terms of their business process.

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Product traceability hold great importance for the medical and hospital device manufacturer. It is important that every lot is serialized and can be easily tracked from its manufacturing to its delivery. With our ERP implementation, the system will easily integrate with the tracking tools and technologies so that the product can be easily traced from procurement till dispatch. You will be able to track the origin of any and every unit or specific part that is located within the supply chain.  



Medical and hospital device manufacturers have to manufacture complex equipment, devices and sub-assemblies that require advanced designing. There should be no room for error, as a minor error can put the whole business at risk. And if the product goes in the hands of the consumer, it will dangerous for utilization. But our ERP implementation you get automation facility that will simplify the complexities of the design of the devices with multi-level bill of materials. Furthermore, you will be able to easily transfer any changes in the BOM instantly to the work orders.  



Our ERP implementation comes with an in-built CRM system and integration capabilities that will. Make the device distribution process quick and easy. You will be able to manage end user data, and the regular communication in the CRM. You can also maintain multiple warehouses and keep a tb on the inventory management among the different warehousesFurthermore, you will be empowered with the ability to maintain the shipment information and keep a tab on the shipment from production to delivery.  



Medical device manufacturers have to documents and logs for the frequent auditing they have to undergo. For every process, they have to maintain different documents that should be accurate and compliant with the norms and protocols set by FDA or the respective regulatory bodies. With our implementation system, you get audit trails, log management and record documentation for the FDA audits. You will be able to analyze transaction details, financial numbers and equipment specifications.  


Data Security

Data security is of utmost importance to the manufacturers as they have to ensure that they is astringent control over the material composition, formulation and the consumer’s details. We, at Tayana Solutions, take data security very seriously and ensure that your data is safe with us. Our implementation will empower you with the ability to encrypt the data so as to prevent the data from going in wrong hand. The possibility of leakage and misuse is reduced to zero. Furthermore, to ensure secure transaction only by authorized personal, there is a robust password security and e-signature feature.  

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