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End to end CBD ERP Process manufacturing solution for recreational products with medicinal value.

With an increasing number of states legalizing medicinal marijuana and finding recreational benefits of the hemp and CBD, the manufacturers are now required to invest in an automated process manufacturing system like CBD ERP that provides end to end solution for desirable output. Using Acu Process Manufacturing customize the software to ensure maximum efficiency and meet compliance requirements.

Acu Process Manufacturing, a white paper solution that provides expert advice and helpful solutions from operators of any size to help you solve a wide variety of management challenges related to the understanding and implementation of Hemp, CBD Oil. Packed with practical tips to manage talent acquisition, training and retention, as well as insights on using technology for maximum benefits.

Acu Process Manufacturing built a company that is going to provide opportunities for technical and non-technical employees alike. The Hemp, CBD industry has been growing rapidly because of changes in technology, but the industry still faces challenges in attracting and retaining valuable employees. This publication collected expert advice from operators of any size to give you simple solutions through solutions to a wide range of management challenges.

Save your time, money and enhance staff productivity by implementing our Acu Process Manufacturing, that will ensure comprehensive workflow across different departments for transparent and efficient management of your business. Boost your speed to market with our Acumatica powered hemp manufacturing software. 

Our software is built to help you with:

hemp cbd recreation production

Ensure smooth work process with our well-integrated system for a meticulous hemp manufacturing.

Powered by Acumatica, APM integrates the data which is then processed across all the concerning department to make the production go faster. Integration allows for quick and efficient production, movement, tracking and control of the hemp and CBD products.  

Acu Process Manufacturing (APM) can be easily deployed on your existing Acumatica Cloud ERP to fetch data, manage formula/recipe, batch manufacture and deliver desired output in the industry you are serving. Our hemp manufacturing software is tightly integrated with CRM, Order Processing, Inventory, Replenishment, Purchasing and Accounting modules of Acumatica. Since APM is natively built into Acumatica, the user experience remains uniform that helps reduce learning curve significantly. Right from formulation to inventory management, production management, inspection to compliance, we streamline and simplify different business processes in a quick and easy way.  

List of Critical Modules of Acu Process Manufacturing and Acumatica:

hemp cbd recreation production

What makes APM your ideal choice?

Replace the need for multi single-purpose tools, with our CBD ERP system which will give you the freedom to manage all the processes involved, at one place. Our team of process manufacturing experts have developed industry specific solution for maximum productivity, compliance with zero possibility of downtime. It is our ability to deliver what we promise that we have been able to not only engage but retain long term clients.  

You can be a batch manufacturer producing your own products, or private label manufacturer or distributor that requires packing/re-packing, you have landed on the right page and it is time to pick up your phone and talk to one of our seasoned advisors.  

Highlighting Factors:

The Acu Process Manufacturing is the ERP designed for Hemp CBD business. Its core competencies are the development and production of hemp and cannabis products. In this report, the experts in their field share their insights on how to effectively manage employees to create a positive work environment and maximize productivity, efficiency, growth for your business.

With the right people on the team, a great process that works, and amazing technology to help you monitor and make the most of your operation, you are ready to be a contender in the Hemp, CBD industry. Acu Process Manufacturing Management Solutions has provided innovative management solutions over the years and is your resource for everything from best practices in manufacturing to regulatory compliance support.

Performance-driven All you need is Acumatica Cloud ERP’s Advanced distribution license and plug our Acu Process Manufacturing Extension to enjoy the benefits of industry specific computing!  

Powered by

Acumatica’s ERP system

APM gets its robustness and the ability to perform efficiently on multiple level from the power of a leading Cloud and ERP solutions provider, Acumatica. Process and batch manufacturing are made easy with its ability to seamlessly integrate and streamline the work flowguaranteeing enhanced management and efficiency. Acumatica is built on a future-proof platform with open architecture for scalability, ease of use, and rapid integrations. Connected Business. Delivered. 

Enriching customer experience

APM was created with the intention to make sure that our consumers are able to easily navigate their way through the ERP system and gain the maximum benefit out of their investment in process manufacturing with zero wastage and 100% compliance.  

Our team invests a significant amount of time in properly understanding yours and your consumer’s requirements to design a customized solution. We offer tailored answers to help you achieve your goal. 

Our APM experts conduct implementation in a manner to make sure that every member involved in the operation can fully comprehend the intricacies of it and is able to manage it well. They design and implement the customized solution to enrich your user experience 

Tayana’s help and support team are available at your beck and call to make sure everything is alright with your system and any issue is resolved promptly. Our support portal is easy to use and transparent to track the progress. Phone, Chat, Email, and many other channels of communication flows into the support system.  

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