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Lab and Formulation

Acumatica xRP is a flexible architectural framework and it is made on the best cloud and mobile technology. This is an application development platform to build business applications and empowers the developers to boost the market and reduce the cost. Acumatica extension is built-in Tayana an ISV partner of Acumatica using an xRP platform named Acu Process manufacturing suite. This extension comes with complete features appropriate for process manufacturing.

lab and formulation

The process and manufacturing modules embrace the lab and formulation that fine-tune the formulas dynamically throughout the product development and production to fulfil the definite target features. The features of lab and formulation in Acu process manufacturing that transforms the way you work

We Tayana specialized in the process manufacturing area by offering unique requirements that other general manufacturing products fail to understand.

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With Acu process manufacturing for Acumatica cloud ERP, it’s easy to develop, analyze, and approve the formula quickly. Acu process manufacturing is natively built for Acumatica and incorporated with financial, distribution, accounting, and customer management.

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