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Decartes is a simple and flexible logistics software enabling you to finally get rid of all paperwork. Based on a very intuitive graphical database, the main logic board is designed for total flexibility. Logistics made easy – decartes delivers powerful end-to-end supply chain software, with the flexibility needed to support your unique needs. decartes is a web-based logistic and warehouse management system. Accessible from any browser at any time, decartes lets you manage your stock and transport operations 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. decartes supplies logistics software for a wide range of industries and user needs. It offers products that analyze and optimize routing, planning, scheduling, document management and interfaces to external systems. With decartes, your company will be able to track almost any kind of transport in real time and thus increase the efficiency of your transport service. In a few easy steps, you can install decartes on your computer network and link together all computers that need to share data about transport. The resulting system resembles a living organism with countless moving parts and an enormous amount of information being processed. This system will help you move and hold each individual delivery at every stage of the journey and will allow you to eliminate errors that may occur at any given moment as well as unnecessary stops.

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