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Sporting and Recreational Goods

Sports and recreational goods manufacturing might come off as an interesting industry which no doubt it is, but the manufacturers are regularly facing high volumes of inventory, lack of skilled workers and a dicey costing schedule which can disrupt the whole manufacturing process. This is why it is important to have a proficient cloud-based ERP solution like Acumatica, for sports device manufacturers.

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End to end tracking

The integrated CRM module will help sport equipment manufacturers manage and track the equipment. This ensure that the right equipment is being shipped. And in case of any recall, traceability can help faulty batches are immediately recalled from the location they ae shipped. Our comprehensive implementation of Acumatica will ensure you only ship robust equipment 


Inventory Management

Our implementation will empower you to efficiently record and manage your inventory level. You will be able to keep track of overstock and understock goods in real time. Managing inter warehouse transfers and transaction will become easy. Since you will be able to manage specific product item in real time, you will be able to make well-informed decisions regarding the inventory management. This way you will be able to further boost the customer experience by delivering equipment at the right time, as and when the demand rises.  


Finance management

You no longer have to rely on dedicated book keeping spreadsheet or accounting software with our Acumatica implementation. It offers a comprehensive suite of finance system, that will let you automate all the financial activities. This integration will thus minimize the possibility of errors by eliminating the need for human intervention. It will also streamline your cash flow, automate account payables, receivables and other financial processes efficiently.  


Production and packaging management

You will be able to keep a proper record of and efficiently manage the intricacies of packaging, production and planning with our Acumatica implementation. From auto batch generation, scrap management to raw material management, everything will be automated and streamlined for maximized productivity and profitability 


Quality management

Our implementation will make sure you manufacture sports equipment with the process compliant to the safety and quality benchmarks set by the regulatory bodies. You can also set up quality control based on the items and group. Quality will be check at each and every stage of production to ensure manufacturing of supreme quality products.  

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