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Google Cloud

Cloud computing is the latest buzz in industry these days. Every company wants to host their business on cloud. But the reality is that it takes a lot of time and energy to build out your own infrastructure for cloud computing. Google Cloud offers online services for businesses, as well as for consumers. Google Cloud Platform offers software, deployment, and development tools, along with cloud storage and a suite of developer APIs. Google Cloud is built for businesses that have big dreams and a lot of data. Cloud today is the first step toward your future in the cloud. You can choose from three high-performance, cost-efficient options: Google Compute Engine with virtual machines, Google Cloud Storage for files and data you need close to home, or Google BigQuery for fast, interactive analysis of massive datasets. Google Cloud is the only cloud that combines a powerful stats-based operational dashboard, state of the art security, and enterprise features. Google Cloud offers performance that scales alongside your business. From application pricing and online marketing to IT support and infrastructure management, Google Cloud helps you focus on your unique value proposition rather than on tool building and maintenance. Google Cloud is an open, flexible and developer-friendly cloud platform that helps you build and deploy applications that give your users innovative features. You can structure and store your data any way you want, use tools to help you analyze your data and deliver personalized content, and make changes or updates without downtime. All with Google’s industry-leading security, online collaboration tools and high availability technology.

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