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Azure Blob system is a cloud computing service that can be used to store unstructured data in the cloud. Use of Azure Blobs is charged by the amount of storage used in Blobs and by the access traffic generated. The BLOB is a cloud computing service by Microsoft. It provides large-scale data storage, database and application hosting for enterprises and developers Gartner called it “the best cloud story” of 2011. It’s Microsoft Azure, the fastest-growing public cloud platform in the world. Originally built for the reliability and scalability of enterprise applications, it’s also an ideal choice for personal cloud computing. And it’s available right now, at no cost to you, for small projects or sandbox environments. Through the use of Microsoft Azure, organizations can store and process data in the cloud, as well as seamlessly integrate their back-end systems with their hosting provider. The Azure Blob service offers all the benefits of cloud computing, including on demand scalability and high uptime. We are making it easy for organizations to add deep learning to their applications. Deep learning capabilities are built into a service that supports the entire machine-learning process from data to insight, without requiring any machine learning expertise. Azure Machine Learning pushes out code that enables you to train and verify your models in the Azure cloud, then deploy those models to any environment—on-premises, in your data center, or on a mobile device.

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