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Salesforce is a market leader that delivers on the promise of cloud computing, delivering a platform for building enterprise-class social applications. Salesforce CRM is at the heart of every customer engagement in the cloud with social, real-time collaboration and business processes to drive success. With hundreds of thousands of customers across more than 150 countries worldwide, Salesforce serves as the backbone for the world’s fastest growing companies. Salesforce is the enterprise cloud app for CRM, marketing and business processes. With Salesforce Chatter, Salesforce1 and over 500 certified apps, enterprises can create customer experiences that are social, engaging and nurturing. With a single data model on the Salesforce platform any CRM, application or website connected to Salesforce can be easily configured via apps, without writing a line of code Using the power of SOQL, Lightning Experience brings Salesforce to life in a whole new way. The self-service User Interface is streamlined and makes easy work of common CRM tasks so users can spend less time in the app, and more time in life.

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