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Common misconceptions about cloud-based solution that you should not believe

There is no doubt in the fact that cloud-based infrastructure is helping businesses across industries especially the manufacturing division with its plethora of benefits. From improving efficiency to reducing operation costs, from ensuring secure data transfer, to ease of accessibility and enriching consumer’s experience, the cloud can help businesses of all sizes equally.  

But there are certain organizations that have a traditional IT system in place. They are apprehensive of switching to the cloud because of looming misconceptions. In today’s post, we are going to demystify those myths for you so that you can confidently switch to the cloud and take your business ahead.  

  • It is not secure 

Security is the distinctive characteristic of cloud technology. Compared with the traditional IT infrastructure which is vulnerable to several attacks and threats, cloud technology offers data encryption which ensure safety and security. Furthermore, it also ensures quick and effective data backup and disaster recovery, in the time of need. Since the data is no longer present in the physical form, it cannot tamper.  

  • It is expensive 

This could not be farther from the truth. Unlike the traditional IT infrastructure installation, the cloud doesn’t require a task force of experts to periodically manage, maintain and update it. It is thus taken care of by itselfprovided there is a strong internet connection. Contrary to the widespread belief cloud is instrumental in saving significant money and there are no hidden charges.  

  • It is not scalable 

Cloud does not come in one size and is flexible, scalable. It can be used on a modular basis. This means that you will only be paying for the resource on-demand. This also gives you more control over your business and resources. You can enjoy these benefits and much more without having to invest in a new hardware system.  

  • We cannot improve security 

While cloud technology itself provides a safe and secure environment, if you want your businesses to be more secure, then that can be arranged too. You can always add layers of protection, monitoring, compliance for robust security.  

  • Cloud is a maze 

There is a widespread belief that once the data gets locked in the cloud server, it is difficult to get it back. This is anything but true. Cloud’s seamless integration allows data to easily move in and out of the cloud.   

Cloud computing is the future and it’s high time that those in the manufacturing business understand this and implement it with the help of professionals. We at Tayana solutions have cloud computing experts that will create a customized solution for your business’s needs and the requirement for maximum profitability.