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ERP applications are around for a while now. Although they are useful in managing businesses, the biggest challenge has been training & adoption, due to its inept user interface. Efficient user experience (UX) can drastically enhance the adaptation and meaningful usage of the data available in ERP applications. Usage of newer delivery channels like chat applications, Amazon Alexa, Apple Siri, etc. can enhance user experience as the common users are familiar with these channels and can interact with ERP platform easily and effectively.


Bots are obvious choice to deliver better UX. Bots are nothing but computer programs that leverage artificial intelligence to enable natural conversations with people. ERP-Bots will transform and dramatically improve the user experience.


ERP Bots not only enhance user experience, but can help improving processes, eliminate mundane manual activities thereby increasing the time to deliver. One of the example on which we are investing our resources are to create artificially intelligent Digital Employee who would assist AR and AP departments:

  • ERP Bot will perform human-like tasks using job skills specific to financial processes

  • Offer services through interaction and engagement of employees, customers and vendors

  • Works 24x7 without vacation breaks!


Our engineering team is dedicated to build bots for popular ERP systems. Natural Language compatible Chat and Voice shall be primary communication channel with an ability to learn continuously based on the past queries.


Since Information security is a concern for the enterprises, users may have to authenticate themselves by fingerprint, voice or facial recognition security methods. External users will need to authenticate by means of 3 step authentication process. Our endeavor is to deliver secured, reliable, flexible and robust solutions to our enterprise class customers

Product Architecture 

For more information, please contact us so that we can device a tailor made solution around your needs.