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ERP features distributors should look for

Wholesale distribution business has unique requirements. To be able to manage them you need powerful cloud ERP features that can strengthen your business and help it steer ahead. In order to stay relevant and competitive, wholesale distributors must ensure careful spending. They should be able to clearly view the stock so that they can efficiently manage their operational expenses. This is why it is important to be vigilant in your selection of the ERP system.

Make it a point to see that the ERP system you are investing in, has the following features. So that it can simplify the business processing, optimize the details and boost the overall efficiency of the system:

A comprehensive view of the process 

One of the biggest struggles that wholesale distributors face is the ability to efficiently manage incoming and outgoing products to keep the inventory stock at the right level. You should look for an ERP system that empowers your business with the ability to gain a 360-degree view of the processes happening in your business. This way you will be able to identify the loopholes, bring improvement in the process, implement effective strategies to better serve the customers. The comprehensive view of the sales and purchase information will help you make a well-informed decision. This will also enhance your ability of forecasting and estimate.  

Efficacious order fulfillment 

One of the major components of a successful wholesale distribution is the picking and packaging of the orders. Thus, you should look for an ERP system that will provide adequate order fulfillment functions. The goal is to ensure that picking, packaging of the good and materials, especially when talking large volume. Thus it should be done according to the customer’s satisfaction with all the relevant information.  

Reporting tools 

Look for an ERP system that provides real-time reports on all the aspects of your wholesale distribution business. The reports will help you gain a comprehensive insight into the business. Thus, this will help you make more well-informed and strategic decisions. Moreover, the ERP should eliminate manual error reporting and minimize the possibility of errors. Furthermore, the report should help you better analyze and understand your business.  

Inventory Tracking 

It is important for the wholesale distributors to know the orders that are coming in and going out. This information will help maintain the inventory stock level. Look for an ERP solution that empowers your business with real-time inventory tracking. You need to ensure on-time fulfillment of the consumer demand and reducing the inventory holding cost and less loss of sales Thus you need to have an ERP that can provide you real-time status of your inventory. Moreover, aside from helping you develop a flexible system, the real-time inventory check will empower you to eliminate inaccurate paperwork and induce accurate counts.  

Integrated management tools 

Look for an ERP system that has integrated CRM, HCM, and account management tools. Thus, such an application will provide you with a holistic view of the back-office functions, employee performance. Furthermore, it will also help by aligning all the processes with the business goal that can help in the overall development of the business. It is important to understand that these features are just as critical for wholesale distribution and should be well-integrated by your ERP.