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Features that make Acumatica stand out of the crowd

No longer are businesses implementing the traditional ERP system and they have moved on to the cloud-based ERP solutions.  


Because the on-premise ERP has more disadvantage than advantages like 

  • They are installed locally on servers which means you need storage space 
  • You have to allocate resources for upkeep and maintenance of the on-premise system 
  • The upfront, upgrade and maintenance costs are significantly high  
  • The ongoing investment to purchase and maintain the on-premise ERP adds a financial burden 
  • It’s not easy to re-implement with future versions 
  • Information accessibility is an issue in on-premise ERP, as it requires additional hardware installation 
  • It does not provide real-time data which means you will always lack behind in the competition 

But a cloud-based ERP like Acumatica offers the following: 

  • You can access the data from anywhere anytime for as long as you have internet access 
  • You will real-time data on the business operation which will help you make strategic decisions 
  • The upfront cost is relatively low 
  • You don’t have to worry about the upgrades and maintenance
  • They are easy to scale, thus you have the flexibility to add or remove resources as and when you want to 
  • It has a high deployment speed 
  • It improves the businesses performance, thereby making them more efficient 

One of the leading cloud-based ERP that has taken the business world especially that of the manufacturing unit by storm is Acumatica. A business management system for small, and medium-sized businesses, Acumatica is a simple yet effective cloud-based ERP that empowers businesses with the strength to streamline and simplify their business processing for maximum profitability and enhanced efficiency. Therefore, an increasing number of businesses are turning to Acumatica for its feature-rich powerful management solutions that come in an easy-to-use package. Listed below are some of the reason why Acumatica is being hailed as one of the best cloud-based ERP 


You can easily access data from any device or browser. Acumatica allows for quick and easy integration of your ERP solution with other tools such as project management, accounting, sales, and HR tools. Clubbing these systems together will help you strategize on the basis of data and analytical skills and deliver desirable output.

Automatic Updates

You don’t have to periodically check for updates or invest in IT responsibility. All the updates and upgrades will take place automatically and your vendor will be thus responsible for it.

Minimize errors

Since Acumatica automates the entire business processing, without any human intervention, it leaves no room for error. Acumatica helps simplify complex business processes and thus streamline them for maximum efficiency.

If you are on the lookout for an implementation partner, know that we at Tayana Solutions are a gold-certified Acumatica partner who can help you with quick, easy, and cost-effective implementation. Thus this will guarantee a higher return on investment, making your workforce and operational cycle more efficient.