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Why manufacturing business should automate social media marketing?

How automating social media marketing for your manufacturing business can help you big time?

We’re not going to talk about how social media can benefit your manufacturing business be it sauce and dressing process manufacturing or pet food process manufacturing in reaching out to a base of customers. But we’re going to tell you straight in the fact that it’s high time you automate your social media marketing. 


Because earlier social media marketing comprised of pulling off the same old tricks to capture the attention of the target audience and convinced them to take a digital action. 

But, now social media has developed into a landscape of its own. Furthermore, here is a cutthroat competition to be the best in the industry, especially when you’re serving in an industry as niche as manufacturing 

Consumers are on the lookout for quality customer service and quick response time from the business. With you burdened in planning, designing, developing, and executing various marketing campaigns the aforementioned gets compromisedThis will gradually lead to loss of customers, less traffic and consequently declining revenues.  

You can’t risk that now, can you? 

Assuming the answer to be a firm no, we would recommend you to automate your social media marketing. 

Now we’re not saying you automate the entire social media campaign but as social media managers get burdened with tedious tasks why not automate the repetitive ones? 

We have a list of techniques with which you can yield maximum benefit out of social media marketing automation, but before that let’s take a look into the benefits of social media automation: 

  • With an automation system in place, you will be delivering quality content in a consistent manner.  
  • Social media marketing automation will give you the edge to deliver content when your target audience is most active. This will thus increase your business’s visibility.  
  • With automation, you will be able to identify and work on the content that engages your audience the most. This will significantly save your time, energy, and resource on deploying ineffective strategies 
Having discussed the advantages let’s move on to how you should automate your social media marketing strategies: 
  • Publishing the content

It takes hardly a minute or two, you would say, but what about when you have several accounts across different social media platforms? Then it becomes a difficult job, doesn’t it? Automate publishing with inbuilt publishing tools or third-party posting applications whichever fits your budget and requirement 

  • Content Pipeline 

It is important to curate content in order to keep the audience engaged. But conducting research can take a massive toll on the efficiency and productivity of the manufacturing business be it the sauce and dressing process or the pet care process manufacturing. This is why we advocate automating content suggestions to help you create relevant content and ease for your users to find the content on the right topic in no time.  

  • Customer response 

Time is of the essence especially in the world of social media. Your consumers demand a quick response to their queries. While there are bots to take care of it the audience demands a human touch. You can do so by saving common replies and shoot them when a query arises. This will thus help you save time and work on more important issues that are important for the growth of your business.  

While incorporating automation in your social media marketing, make it a point to: 
  • Understand and decide what do you have to automate 
  • Add the human element 
  • Periodically check the progress 

Eliminate the monotonous tasks with social media marketing automation and watch as your traffic and engagement boosts. And if you’re looking to get the automation started, you’re at the right place. Reach out to Tayana solution’s technical expert to get you up and running.