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How COVID has forced businesses to go eCommerce?

Avoiding crowded places! 

Maintaining social distance! 

The thought of getting infected with COVID has forced consumers to stay indoors, which has gravely affected the businesses and retailers that do not have any online presence. There has been a significant disruption in how people are making purchases; from going to retail stores, supermarkets to shopping online, whether it is for a small grocery item or branded merchandise.  

The pandemic has led to consumers looking at eCommerce stores in a completely different way. It has seen a prominent surge in the number of buyers and is expected to witness exponential growth going forward in 2021. Ecommerce was always there, but always behind the physical stores and while people were actively shopping from these stores, never has it seen such a surge with retailers being forced to close the doors due to pandemics. 

 What do the statistics say?

  • Salesforce global shopping index reported a growth of 16% growth in the digital traffic from Q1 2019 to Q2 2020. There is no doubt that eCommerce was booming before the pandemic. But the imposed protocol has undoubtedly boosted mobile activity and eCommerce traffic significantly. 
  • Now more than ever consumers are dependent on the eCommerce website and online market places for their bare necessities. With the COVID expecting to hit its next wave soon, shopping in stores now seems like a dream. Your consumers to be vaccinated to be able to shop as freely in stores, as we use to earlier. This has given the eCommerce stores an upper hand.  
  • The emergence and the spread of COVID have completely changed the shopping behavior of the customers. And this is not some temporary thing we are talking about. This will be a permanent shift that will help the eCommerce landscape evolve. The dynamics of the eCommerce landscape have expanded. It’s going to be a long-term change. According to a report published by Bloomberg, the store shopping for Black Friday sale got declined by 52% and that of Thanksgiving got declined by a staggering 95%.  
  • The businesses with an established digital infrastructure and social. Media presence is flourishing in these testing times While those that were earlier reluctant to go digital, now have, to keep the business afloat. It is the impact of COVID, that 57% of the purchasing managers are now spending a significant amount of time, managing the eCommerce platforms and online marketplace.  

Why you should build an eCommerce website?

It’s high time we accept the fact that things are not going back to how they were in 2019. This is the new normal for B2B and B2C businesses. It can be a struggle setting up and managing an eCommerce platform . Therefore, you should seek professional help from customized solution providers like Tayana Solutions.  

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