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There are various factors that affect the distribution companies and these aspects which are cost, demand change with the evolving marketing landscape. This inter connected fast paced market not only brings plethora of opportunities for the distribution companies to grow and expand but they also face challenges if they do not have an adept system in place. This is why it is important to have a cloud based ERP system like Acumatica in place.

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Real time visibility

Whether it is to keep a check on the inventory, to be shipped, in transit or to be reordered, our distribution ERP software implementation will help you will deliver accurate results, showcasing the status in real time. This will improve the delivery time and enhance customer satisfaction.  



With our Acumatica implementation, you get to keep a track on all the order- when they were issued, when they were returned in real time. This data insight in real time will help you make strategic business decision and optimize your quotes, acceptance to minimize the inventory issues and the associated cost.  



Our distribution ERP system implementation gives you the power to automate the processes. This will minimize the possibility of errors and save your business from costly delays. Automation will further help you render quick and accurate services. Any issues that come in the order fulfillment process will be promptly addressed and resolved for maximum customer retention.  


Enhanced sales management

Acumatica’s cloud-based ERP will strengthen your sales management. Its integrated workflow will give you the power to fully automate the sales process across the organization. Users will be able to easily and quickly configure the order status, discounts and promotion rules. Furthermore, you can configure the process that matches the workflow or create a process based on the customer or the order 


Streamlined warehouse management

Acumatica’s cloud-based ERP includes a warehouse management feature that is designed to eliminate the manual processes like picking, physical counting, packaging and transferal and automate them for increased productivity and efficiency. Items automatically get added into the system upon scanning. Furthermore, with our distribution ERP systems, the users are issued an audio warning if they scan more than the purchased item or a wrong item.  


Understand the costs involved

Our ERP wholesale distribution will empower your business to make a well-informed decision by breaking down all the cost across a business, warehouse, or a production line. Every piece of information will be available to you in real timeThis will help you control the costs across the supply and distribution chain. With Acumatica’s price per user or price per function feature, you will e able to optimize the businesses processes for maximum productivity, reduced cost and heightened efficiency.  

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