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Marketing Automation Myths

Are you Aware of Marketing Automation Myths?

With your business’s production in full swing, are you unable to give enough time to the marketing front?  

Are your marketing efforts going unnoticed?  

Are your marketing copies riddled with silly manual errors?  

If so, then you should invest in a marketing automation solution.   

Worried about it because of the looming misconceptions?  

We are here to help bust those myths for you so that you can leverage the multitude of benefits that marketing automation has to offer your business 

  • It is only for email  

This is a widespread misconception that only email marketing campaigns can be automated. But such is not the case. Marketing automation can be used to be done away with repetitive tasks such as capturing and collecting data and information on consumers. You can automate website tracking analytics and more with an ineffective marketing automation system in place.  

  • Only large-scale business can benefit   

No matter at which scale you operate your business, be it pet food process manufacturing or sauce and dressing process manufacturing, the business of every size can benefit by automating the mundane marketing tasks, that take up their time, money, and employees’ potential. With marketing automation in place, you will be able to focus on the important tasks that will help your business grow.   

  • It lacks the human touch  

This couldn’t be farther from the truth. It is not the marketing but the content which if not put right will make your campaign look robotic. You can always personalize your marketing campaign by creating highly targeted content copies and strategically distributing them on the platforms where there is a stronger possibility of a higher ROI.   

  • It will only boost your marketing  

Automating your marketing tasks will not just benefit marketing. It will provide holistic benefits to other departments as well. We all know how difficult it is to manage both marketing and sales and ensuring their productivity. But marketing automation will strengthen the efforts of your sales team as well. It goes beyond just finding leads to engaging them, nurturing them, and making sure that they remain a long-term client.   

  • You will only be sending messages automatically  

Sending messages automatically it’s just the tip of the iceberg to what marketing automation can do to your business. An automated marketing campaign will bring efficiency to the entire organization by saving time, workforce potential, and vital resources, by automating the repetitive tasks.   

  • It is expensive  

The cost depends on your requirement for a marketing automation tool. It is available in a wide range of prices. Your approach should be to invest in the one that claims to fulfill your business’s specific requirement and not get intimidated into buying the latest one regardless of the fact whether or not it is serving your purpose.   

  • It is complicated  

This was a thing of the past when marketing automation was just launched. Businessmen were apprehensive of investing in marketing automation tools because of a lack of knowledge and experience. But as the technology evolved, marketing automation tools and systems like the one supported by Tayana Solutions came more user-friendly. Now they’re easy to use and can be effortlessly integrated into your existing system to streamline the workflow and boost productivity.   

Now that we have cleared the most notable of the misconceptions, go ahead and reach out to our credible marketing automation experts to know how we can help you save your precious time, money, and employee potential with quick and easy marketing automation implementation.   

Automate repetitive tasks and boost your productivity and efficiency with Tayana Solutions!