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Multi level packaging

Multilevel packaging in Manufacturing 

If you think once you manufacture the product, your job is done, we would suggest you reconsider.  

Once you create the product, there is another crucial aspects that you should follow meticulously and that is packaging.  

Wondering how important packaging is in manufacturing? 

Product packaging communicates to the consumers and influences their purchasing decisions. It is an important marketing and communication tool for your business that:

  • It makes your brand stand out from the crowdDid you know that one third of the consumer’s decision is on the product packaging? Yes, this is why it is important that your packaging stands out from the crowd. Hence, it should be eye catchy, relevant and different from what your competitors are offering 
  • The colors you use in the packaging help your brand stand out, in a sense that it affects whether or not the consumers are going to pick it up while shopping in the mart.  
  • Product packaging makes for an effective marketing tool in the in-store advertising. Furthermore, packaging conveys a message to the shoppers and consumers that can influence their buying decision.  
  • Packaging has the ability to create brand recognition. It establishes your product as a brand and help the consumers recognizes it from the plethora of options they are offered.  

One of the most cost-effective methods of packaging is multilevel packaging. 

It is adaptable, helps your brand create consistence presence and gives you the ability to customize internal packaging and standardize external packaging.  

We, at Tayana Solution offer multilevel packaging option with our Acumatica embedded ISV solution, Acu Process Manufacturing. You can sell the ingredients in packages alongside selling the end product in a different packaging. Take for instance, popcorn. The corn which we remove from the cob. You can pack and sell it separately as an entity. After adding other e flavors and ingredients, you can sell in a different package as a separate product. You can then microwave these popcorns to pack and sell it as a different product. Thus you can sell these microwave popcorns separtely  in n quantities as a batch.  

Another example of multilevel packaging is base paint, which can solely pack in a tin container and you can sell it. This base paint can then act as an ingredient to creating a colored paint adding the desired color, calcium carbonate and water. Thus you can pack it in a gallon and sell it. Or a pack a batch of them in a carton and sell in higher quantity 

With Acu Process Manufacturing, you are empowered with the ability to pack components in multi-level and sold them as a single entity or in batch.