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Netsense Business Solutions announced a collaboration with Tayana Solutions to offer Acu Process Manufacturing Solution

November 10, 2021, 17:58 GMT

Intending to reach out to more manufacturers, Netsense Business Solutions has partnered with Tayana Solutions, focusing on Acu Process Manufacturing (APM).

ATLANTA, GEORGIA, UNITED STATES, November 10, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Intending to reach out to more manufacturers, Netsense Business Solutions has partnered with Tayana Solutions, focusing on Acu Process Manufacturing (APM). APM provides rich functionality such as formulation, bill of materials (BOM), production, quality control, compliance and EHS, Labeling, and property features. The collaboration between the two companies is to help build better client relationships by meeting their manufacturing requirements through this cloud ERP solution.

Abdul Rehman, Director – Presales and Projects, Netsense Business Solutions, commented, “We got the Leading Palm Oil Contractor and Leading Oil & Energy companies under our Acumatica Cloud ERP and Acu Process Manufacturing (APM) umbrella in a short period. We are confident that we can use our experience to make this collaboration successful. We see good demand for digital transformation requirements in the process manufacturing sector. Our pipeline is very promising in such a short period both of going to market and our launch to the market.”

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Vijay Ural, President, Tayana Solutions, commented, “We are glad to start a relationship with Netsense through Acu Process Manufacturing, our reliable cloud-based process manufacturing ERP solution. “Netsense Business Solutions & Tayana Solutions decided to work jointly to serve several such clients in Process Manufacturing in Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia Region.”

About Netsense Business Solutions
Netsense Business Solutions specializes in the digital transformation of their clients by implementing the latest technology ERP Solutions. With expertise in 10+ business verticals, their ERP products help companies to manage the entire business under one platform. Netsense Business Solutions is Gold certified VAR of Acumatica.

About Tayana Solutions
Tayana Solutions is a software consulting company specializing in process manufacturing. They provide flexible cloud ERP solutions to Manufacturers, Co-Manufacturers, Contract Manufacturers, Toll Manufacturers, R&D-centric Custom Product Formulators, Private Labelling Service providers, and Packaged Product Manufacturers to help them meet the unique industry demands. The company is a Gold Certified Partner for Acumatica and MYOB. It serves multiple industries such as oil and lubricants, food and beverages, pet food, chemical and fertilizers, life science and bioscience products, pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals, and cosmetics and personal care. Businesses of all sizes like Small and Medium Businesses, startups, and Enterprises with multi-companies and multi-facilities can use Acu Process Manufacturing.

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