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PrestaShop offers a free ecommerce solution that can be used by anyone, anywhere, at any time. Intended for entrepreneurs with little or no e-commerce experience, this core technology is specifically designed to facilitate the start of any business or work as an add-on module to expand existing online shops. PrestaShop was designed to be so easy to use, even your grandmother could set up a shop within a few hours. Its modular architecture includes over 1,000 native modules and it is 100% open source. It is fully scalable and offers online merchants features such as multilingual sites, mobile commerce, social networks and payment processing. PrestaShop is a powerful solution for promoting your business. It is a powerful eCommerce solution specially designed to help you run your own online store and sell products online. PrestaShop takes care of handling payments, managing shipments, building up an efficient inventory system and much more, so that you can spend more time and energy on developing your business. PrestaShop comes with all the necessary tools and features for running an eCommerce website offering high-quality products at competitive prices, from simple catalog management to advanced marketing tools. PrestaShop is backed by a large community of developers who will do their best to sort out any problems that may appear during your installation or deployment.

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