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Fast Sales is the leading logistic software integrating ERP, CRM, e-commerce and logistics all with real-time information flow. Recommendations are generated based on real time data available to the software in order to empower the supply chain decision making process for your company. The recommendations cover inventory levels, transportation, warehousing, production planning and scheduling. LogistiCenter is a software product of Miraric for logistics, inventory management and CRM solution. Our Sales software is a fast and efficient way to logistically manage your sales staff. From order entry, invoicing and inventory management, down to tracking the important performance data, Phionex Sales Software does it all. Our Sales software will help your business work smarter not harder! The software is a strong tool with the latest technology. Our program helps you to save time and money. In several steps we organize effective and fast sales. We create tools for your work easier and more efficient. Today the program is used by more than 3000 companies around the world. Logistic software can be easily integrated with other programs by companies that want to use extended functionality of the product. The program has a big base of partners who are responsible after sales service in our region.

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