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Tips to reduce downtime in your business

It is not uncommon for manufacturing units to face downtimetime and again. It can be due to hardware failure, manual error, storage issues, network outages, the surge in utilization, natural disasters, or anything. But this downtime should not become a regular occurrence otherwise you will end up spending more time, money, and other vital resources that you should invest in achieving your business goal. 

While the downtime might be for fraction of seconds, it has the ability to adversely affect your business. Erratic downtime can results in- 

  • Data failure 
  • Loss of customers 
  • Revenue loss 
  • Decreased productivity 
  • Tarnished brand image 

Wondering how can you reduce downtime in your business? 

Fret not! 

We bring to you effective tips, implementing which will assure that downtime becomes a thing of past for your business and you only look forward to a higher return on investment.  

Conduct risk auditing 

Downtime means losses. This is why it is important that you have a strategically designed risk audit system in place which you use periodically to promptly check and resolve any gap that there is in your operational cycle. Check for the outdated equipment and replace them immediately. Check some of the common problem areas and fix the issue immediately to avoid the possibility of another downtime 

Create a maintenance schedule 

Having a maintenance schedule that will check for gaps, update the software, and get rid of unnecessary data, or obsolete technology can help minimize the possibility of downtime significantly. Reduce the chances of system breakdown by conducting periodic maintenance.  

Train your employees periodically 

It is ultimately your employees who are running the organization. If they don’t know how the different system works, then how will they manage it? It is important that your workforce is empowered with the right training on tools and technologies which are being used in the organization. Comprehensive training can help the employees detect the problem early on by identifying the symptoms. Thus, you will be able to fix it immediately, thereby mitigating any possibility of downtime.  

Leverage the data 

Businesses rely heavily on data to function and prosper, then why not use it to your advantage to minimize downtime? Make use of data. Invest in a proficient reporting system to check how the machines are functioning and if they are performing at their best. Automate and streamline report data collection and report generation with an ERP system. It will provide you with real-time data, to help you understand how each machine is functioning.  

Invest in a cloud-based solution 

The cloud-based solution is a system that has data stored, for accessibility and share with the end-users over the internet. It involves on-demand resource allocation. Thus, this frees the business from having to spend time and money on on-premise infrastructure. Therefore, with a cloud-based solution implemented by our Tayana experts, you can rest assured that there will be no room for downtime. Furthermore, we assure you not only productivity but the minimum possibility of the catastrophic impact of the natural disasters and a 99.99% up-time.  

Implement the aforementioned strategies and watch your downtime decrease exponentially for maximum productivity.