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Tips to sensitize local consumers to purchase local products

In our previous blog, we had discussed how COVID has impacted the businesses around the globe. If you haven’t checked it out yet, click here. Aside from the health, COVID gravely affected the globally economy and the worst to get hit by it were the local businesses especially those who do not have any online presence. Tech co reported that a staggering 80% of the small businesses have been drastically affected due to the pandemic. Itoday’s post we are going to talk about how local business can sensitize local consumers to buy their products.  

Let’s begin! 

  • Strengthen your online presence-

The first thing, is to build and strengthen your online presence, if you haven’t done it already. Staying at home, maintaining social distance has forced, even the reluctant ones to shop digitally. Not that the ecommerce wasn’t booming pre-COVID, but now it is flourishing more than ever and it will exponentially grow further. With consumers spending 76% higher on online shopping, it only makes sense to step up your game by going online. 

  • Optimize your business for the local audience

Now that you have built a business online, it is important for you to optimize it for the local audience. An effective local SEO strategy like using the relevant terms, citation building is going to boost your business’s visibility in the local audience. It will further helps bring in more and more targeted customers.  

  • Focus on the community

You need to extensively focus on the community to target the local audience. You need recognition that will encourage your customers to be your brand’s representative. To materialize it, you should hold events that strictly target the community. Thus, being community focused will bring an increasing number of local customers together that will support your business.  

  • Create a dedicated team

Dedicate a team of customer success managers to help educate the local customers on the benefit of shopping locally. Furthermore, tell them how you will enrich their customer’s experience. After all, everything comes down to enhancing consumer’s shopping experience.  

  • Offer discounts

Offer special in-store purchase discounts only to the local customers. Thus, this will pique the customer’s interest in your business and will boost the probability of them shopping physically from your store. Digital coupon, special offers and discounts make for an excellent tool to attract and engage qualified consumers.  

  • Loyalty program

Introduce a loyalty program for the local customers. This is one of the best ways to engage and retain customers to your business. Thus, this will make the customers come back time and again which will eventually build a stronger customer base. 

Tayana Solutions with its team of ecommerce experts has been helping local business gain more traffic with its customized solution. Reach out to our customer success representative to know more on how we can help build and strengthen your business for local customers.