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Tracking Allergens In ERP 

Did you know, as per the Food Safety Magazine, there was 382 product recalls in the US, of which 160 were of the allergens specifically undeclared milk allergens? Yes, this is why it is important to have an allergen tracking management system in place. Food Allergen Labeling and Consumer Protection Act under FDA requires products containing allergens to be inside the list as allergens on the product’s packaging.  

The presence of allergens poses a severe risk for businesses operating in the manufacturing or distribution of food products, pharmaceuticals, and nutraceuticals. You should be able to immediately identify and work at the right time. Otherwise, it might lead to consumers getting sick or worse.  

Why risk management is important? 

It is important to have an allergen management system in place. Allergens do not change their properties during the processing or handling of food items. You need an effective allergen management system. In the product research, recipe planning, supplier management, storage, transportation, production, and distribution. This will ensure that even the slightest possibility of an allergen is disclosed to the consumersThus the associated risk with which the consumers can be exposed makes allergens a crucial aspect of the manufacturing and distribution industry.  

Having an allergen management system in your ERP will also improve the quality of the end products 

But how can you ensure allergen tracking management? 

By implementing an ERP system that has the following features: 


You will be able to keep track of the raw materials, packaging details other important information about the product. Thus this way you’ll be able to manage the allocation of materials for the production. Also, you will be able to keep track of the same. Hence, it will ensure quality 


You will be able to effectively plan the next production with periodic updates on the demand and supply of the finished goods. This will thus ensure but the product being shipped out meets the expiry dates. Furthermore, you can prevent any allergy that these aging ingredients trigger. 


With the list of ingredients, the process you follow, instructions, proportion other important details pertaining to production, you will be able to capture all the relevant information regarding the product. This will help track the ingredients and identify the allergens.  

With Acu Process Manufacturing, Tayana’s Acumatica embedded ISV solution allows you allergen tracking in your production. So that you can manufacture products that are safe for the customers. It will help you understand and plan your production in accordance with compliance with different nation’s safety regulations. If you want to know how Allergen management is done with Acu Process Manufacturing, reach out to us or request a demo with our APM specialist.