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Food Manufacturing Business In 2020

For food manufacturing 2020 has been one of the most unpredictable years in history. It has made businesses seriously gauge their operational and processing habits. Of all the industries, food manufacturers have been under high scrutiny. Safe consumption has been the demand now more than ever with the pandemic scaring the population. The food industry, similar to other industries has been practicing social distancing. They have to ensure that they are manufacturing and delivering healthy and safe products to their consumers.  

Let us look back at 2020 to learn how food manufacturers can improve their operational cycle and gain consumers and benefits from the initiatives.  

Be more flexible 

2020 forced food businesses to completely renovate how they operate. Right from the production sector to the catering demands of other different businesses, everything was turned upside down. This showed the food businesses, the importance to be flexible. Because being flexible will help gain a better return on investment. While it is highly unlikely and won’t be a smart decision to entirely switch to a new methodology of processing, but implementing a cloud-based ERP like Acumatica can help adapt quickly to the changing marketing landscape. Acumatica will thus strengthen the ability to easily adapt to the changes. Furthermore, businesses can leverage the opportunity to grow through multiple revenue channels.  

Be prepared for the fluctuating demands 

Food businesses with cloud-based ERP like Acumatica implemented in their system were at advantage in the time of pandemic when every business was crumbling down. It is because they were able to scale production with the fluctuating demands and cater to their audience with maximum efficiency. Even if we go back to normal, the demand and shopping behavior of the consumers will change with the market requirements. Cloud-based ERP like Acumatica helps you forecast the demands based on the data insights. It will be important for food businesses to have analytical tools. This will maximize efficiency and minimize wastage in 2021.  

Be more sustainable 

To be able to gain an equitable stake in the global food industry, manufacturers are required to practice the sustainable processes of productionCustomers want to be associated with businesses that have a positive impact on the climate. Hence sustainable processing should be a priority for the customers. Sustainability can also help businesses make their supply chain shorter and more local 

Ensure workplace safety 

The pandemic is keeping food manufacturers on their toes. With the growing concern of the healthy and safe consumption of food products, it is important for manufacturers to ensure workplace safety. This is important especially once the manufacturing units are again open for production keeping safety measures into consideration. Hence, now would be the right time for the manufacturing units to ensure better sanitation, and bolster safety with physical distancing. Cloud-based ERP like Acumatica can help ensure the businesses conducts safe and compliant manufacturing in order to be able to keep their production open.   

Opt for plant-based products 

An increasing number of people are now opting for plant-based protein, with the growing concern for animal welfare, and the environment. Cloud-based solutions like Acumatica can be of immense help. They will introduce new products to the business, manage inventory. They will further assist in taking care of the quality. Thus it will help the business stay profitable in the long run.  


Our Acu Process Manufacturing system will ensure that your food processing is an efficient, compliant, and productive process. We will empower you to deliver quality products to your consumers and enhance your bottom line.