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Why its time you switch from traditional to cloud-based solution?

businesses across the industries are getting fiercely competitive, and are leaving no stone unturned to gain an edge over the others in the market. One such technology businesses are looking up to  is cloud computing. It is basically setting up and deploying software on the Internet. the data is accessed stored and exchanged among different entities through the Internet.  

Looking for some real-life examples of cloud computing? 

When you’re updating your Facebook status, you’re using the cloud. 

When you’re checking your bank balance on the phone, you’re using the cloud. 

Today businesses be it small or big rely on the abundance of data to serve their customers. This data was traditionally stored on physical storage systems or in-house premises. But that was a time and cost-extensive process. Thus, it required a dedicated team of professionals to periodically update and maintain the system. Furthermore, it was not flexible and could not be scaled as per the increasing or decreasing demands of the business. The advancement in technology led to the inception of cloud computing which offers the following benefits which are traditional system lacks: 

  • Flexibility- your demands are increasing or decreasing 

Business requirements are never the same. They either increase or decreases depending upon the consumer demand and the situation in the market. With the cloud-based system, you can allocate resources on-demand without having to purchase everything on bulk. Thus, this will save up a lot of money and storage space 

  • Disaster recovery- to keep the data safe 

Traditional storage systems are prone to a plethora of mishappenings. Natural calamity, hardware failure, can be detrimental to your system. This is not the case with cloud solutions. Thus, if any issue arises, you can rest assured that the data has been backed up in the cloud and can be easily recovered for further use.  

  • Updates- never miss a security patch 

Security is of prime importance but it can take up a lot of your time which you could have dedicated to the other vital tasks. with cloud solutions being off-premises and handled by a third-party vendor. Furthermore, you no longer have to worry about missing any security updates. Thus, your system will be secure and up to date.  

  • Collaboration- to strengthen communication among different teams 

Traditional solutions lack the transparency which cloud solution facilitates. It gives the team the freedom to access, edit, share, and transfer file across the different departments, thereby strengthening communication. Thus, they can check the status of their file in real-time which will further bolster their collaboration.  

  • Time- invest the time saved in core business activities 

A staggering 51% of the businesses reported that implementing cloud-based solution has saved significant time. Since it streamlines the communication between teams by bringing transparency and eases the transfer of data from one entity to another, considerable time is saved. Thus, you can invest this in working towards achieving business goals.  

Tayana’s team of cloud professionals comes backed with extensive experience in helping businesses, big or small implement an effective and customized cloud-based solution for maximum profit.

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